Letteratura scientifica selezionata

  • Timur Gurgan, Aygul Demirol, Suleyman Guven, Moncef Benkhalifa, Bagdagul Girgin, Tin Chiu Li

    Intravenous calcium infusion as a novel preventive therapy of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome for patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome
    Fertil Steril 96: 53-57, 2011

    D-Chiro-inositol and its significance in polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic Review
    Gynecological Endocrinology, 27: 256–262, 2011

  • Dimitrios Panidis, Neoklis A. Georgopoulos, Athanasia Piouka, Ilias Katsikis, Alexandros D. Saltamavros, George Decavalas, Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis

    The impact of oral contraceptives and metformin on anti-Müllerian hormone serum levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and biochemical hyperandrogenemia
    Gynecological Endocrinology 27: 587–592, 2011

  • Johanna Schmidt, Mats Brännström, Kerstin Landin-Wilhelmsen, Eva Dahlgren

    Reproductive Hormone Levels and Anthropometry in Postmenopausal Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): A 21-Year Follow-Up Study of Women Diagnosed with PCOS around 50 Years Ago and Their Age-Matched Controls
    JCEM 2011 96: 2178-2185

  • Charles Chapron, Carlos Souza, Bruno Borghese, Marie-Christine Lafay-Pillet, Pietro Santulli, Gérard Bijaoui, François Goffinet, Dominique de Ziegler
    Oral contraceptives and endometriosis: the past use of oral contraceptives for treating severe primary dysmenorrhea is associated with endometriosis, especially deep infiltrating endometriosis Hum. Reprod. 26: 2028-2035, 2011

  • S.B. Kjøtrød, S.M. Carlsen, P.E. Rasmussen, T. Holst-Larsen, J. Mellembakken, A. Thurin-Kjellberg, K. HaapaniemiKouru, L. Morin-Papunen, P. Humaidan, A. Sunde, V. von Düring

    Use of metformin before and during assisted reproductive technology in non-obese young infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, multi-centre study
    Hum. Reprod. 26(8): 2045-2053, 2011

  • Alexander Swanton, Antony Lighten, Ingrid Granne, Enda McVeigh, Stuart Lavery, Geoff Trew, Alon Talmor, Nick Raine-Fenning, Kannamannadiar Jayaprakasan, Tim Child
    Do women with ovaries of polycystic morphology without any other features of PCOS benefit from short-term metformin co-treatment during IVF? A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial
    Hum. Reprod. 26(8): 2178-2184, 2011

  • M. Rizzo, R.A. Longo, E. Guastella, G.B. Rini, E. Carmina

    Assessing cardiovascular risk in Mediterranean women with polycystic ovary syndrome
    J. Endocrinol. Invest. 34: 422-426, 2011

  • Holly L. Thacker

    Assessing Risks and Benefits of Nonhormonal Treatments for Vasomotor Symptoms in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women
    Journal of Women’s Health. 20(7): 1007-1016, 2011

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