Abstract selezionati

  • Elisabeth Lerchbaum, Verena Schwetz, Albrecht Giuliani, Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch

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    Fertil Steril 2014;101:1123–8

  • Stefano Palomba, Caterina Materazzo, Angela Falbo, Francesco Orio, Giovanni Battista La Sala, Charles Sultan
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    Gynecol Endocrinol, 2014; 30(5): 335–340

  • Fatma Kutlusoy, Ismail Guler, Mehmet Erdem, Ahmet Erdem, Nuray Bozkurt, Ebru H. Biberoglu, Kutay O. Biberoglu
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    Gynecol Endocrinol, 2014; 30(5): 363–366

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  • W. P. Martins, L. A. Lara, R. A. Ferriani, A. C. Rosa-E-Silva, J. B. Figueiredo, C. O. Nastri
    Hormone therapy for female sexual function during perimenopause and postmenopause: a Cochrane review
    CLIMACTERIC 2014;17:133–135

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